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Stone Paper Notebook

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This Volvo stone paper note book is a revolutionary way to organize your thoughts while minimizing paper consumption. Crafted from 80% limestone and 20% HDPE plastic, this note book is not only lasting but also highly functional.
With stone paper, every stroke of the pen offers a clean slate for your ideas. Plan your day with ease using the included to-do lists, calendar sheets, aligned sheets, and checked sheets.
Paired with the Volvo-branded erasable pen, you can effortlessly jot down notes and plans, then wipe them away with the Volvo-branded cleaning cloth for a fresh start every time (rewrite up to 500 times). You can also easily scan and digitize your notes.
Compact in size at 148 x 210 mm, this notebook features the Volvo logo on the front cover and a URL on the back cover. Dive into the Volvo brand story on the first inside page and find detailed product information on the last inside page.

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