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Volvo Iron Mark Icon Kids Hoodie

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This soft hooded sweatshirt has cool, miniature Volvo vehicles printed on the sleeves and the hood. Its kangaroo pockets (not that kids need them to jump around happily, but still) and cuffs, pocket edges and lining in a contrasting color really adds an extra touch. The main color—green—reflects how this garment is made. It’s 100% organic cotton and supported by both GOTS, Zero Mission and Living Wages.

GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard. Products with this certificate must include at least 70 % organic fibers and meet strict environmental, social and toxicologic criteria. For instance, dyestuff, auxiliaries and accessories are all scrutinized—and wet-processing units must have a functional waste water treatment plant. GOTS is the leading standard for textiles made from organic fibers and a clear proof that our high-quality products are also consciously produced.

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Working with ZeroMission is an important piece in our sustainability puzzle. With their help we carbon offset all our transports and shipments, which minimize our ecological footprint. They offer a complete solution for environmentally ambitious businesses (sounds exactly like us), and we are proud to get their help in applying a strategy to reduce our fossil fuel dependency and the emissions of greenhouse gases. In summary, we can sell products that make an impact, while minimizing our impact on the climate.

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Living wages—a small price to pay. For us, it’s a given that anyone hired by our suppliers is treated fairly and equally, regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We also urge our suppliers to pay a living wage rather than the minimum wage. Why? Because, we see it as a basic right for people to be paid enough to afford food, water, housing, education, health care, clothes and other essentials for themselves and their families.

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